Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Moe and his new mate!

Another Moe post... I just had to share this....
Poor Old "Moe" getting harassed by a Dalek ...... he looks a little grumpy!
how can you not love that little fat face!!

Friday, 13 August 2010


Sometimes my job seems a little odd! Christmas in August, although this August is more than a little wet! Where is the sunshine?

This is another set I've been working on...... vintage stockings!! I like it!!

Enjoy your weekend..... I'm out for dinner twice this weekend, no cooking for me!!! ;-)

How I do like to be by the sea!

I mentioned a couple of weeks back I was off to Brighton for a mini break...... it seems so long ago now, 3 days just wasn't long enough. I went with my big sis who was home from Korea for 3 weeks.... we had a lovely time! ;) It was a little bit windy though!!!!

A busy few weeks!

I've had my paint brushes out again..... painting just as fast as I can..... lots of watery traditional Christmas designs. They will be off to America today to be shown to some of our US card customers.... fingers crossed!