Thursday, 25 November 2010

Desk view!

A meeting at the pub.... hence the pints in the background!!! Business and pleasure!!
Mocking it up!!
A bit of painting!!!


  1. I love that you took your gorgeous crafts to a pub!!

    I am learning how to knit so one of my girlfriends and I go hang at a swanky restaurant with oversized plush couches. We grab a hot java and a slice of cake, then pull out the knitting needles and yarn, lol!

  2. Hello!

    Hehe. I recognise some of the crackers in the top pic! I had to mock up and flitter samples of the left fan effect one a million times! Is it a John Lewis one from last year? Cant remember and its really bugging me.

    Sarah xx

  3. I think I might try knitting in the pub next!!!

    Hi Sarah..... It could well be John Lewis, we get given samples of all the crackers on the high-street..... can you imagine how many we get! Crazy!!!! As for the flitter, poor you..... It gets everywhere x