Monday, 21 February 2011

Old habits....

This week I am trying to break some old habits. On a normal day I would develop line work for designs in "Illustrator" and export the layers into photoshop where I add pattern and texture. This week I'm making myself stick to illustrator. Here is a peek at how I'm getting on. I'm drawing over the top of my sketch and hoping that by building layers and shapes of colour I will get a bit of a different look to my work...... Its going ok so far!


  1. What a natty idea. I'm ok at putting it down on paper with a pencil but wouldn't be so good digitally. I would guess that i could scan a drawing in and add a layer and then digitally follow over the pencil drawing? well it's a thought anyway :)

  2. Thats exactly how I do it..... I always draw stuff first on paper then follow my sketch in photoshop or illustrator. It seems to be the best way of working for me! ;)