Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Eene... this is Eene

This is Eene.
Eene turned up on my door step about 3 weeks ago. She was so skinny and full of worms and flees. I wish she could tell me where she has come from. With no collar and no posters up in the area she is one little lost cat. She has been here ever since.
We have become firm friends, she loves having cuddles and eats loads!.

I took her to the vet on Monday to see if she had been chipped, the vet informed me there was no chip, and that Eene is expecting a litter of kittens. I was so surprised, I hadn't even thought about kittens. I wanted to know if she was ok, how old she was etc but "Kittens" ha ha!

I will keep you posted.... I do hope she makes it to full term. The vet said she may miss carry but I'm gonna take good care of her so hopefully she wont. She is just as she is in the photo's above only her belly is really fat and round!! ;-)


  1. Aww she is just beautiful! You have a good heart, taking her in and giving her so much love, I'm sure she knew she would find a friend in you when she rocked up on your doorstep :) I hope she makes it to full term too... kittens would be so lovely!

  2. oh lovely Eene, she looks very lovely! I'm glad you have a super new feline friend! Can't wait to see the kittens!

  3. How cute! We have a little kitty that's been camping out on our porch for a few weeks now as well. We're still looking to find him a good home.

  4. You are so kind to take her in and give her the love she needs, she looks like a beautiful animal, very content and you can see she is very happy with you! Jenny x

  5. I love her... great company. Sits on my lap while I work.... cant wait for the kittens to arrive, although I'm sure its gonna cause chaos in my little house!

    Liz, have you found a home for your cat yet? he looks beautiful! x

  6. awww, so sweet, and kittens too, doubly sweet! Can't wait to see your kitten pics in a few weeks. I'd love a kitten but I fear my two would protest if I had another one.